The winners of Akiba Cup in Malaysia!

ANISONG★ Hafisdlzul

COSPLAY★ William

General rules and condition for Akiba Cup

1* Only the person who can participate the final contest (18 Dec 16:00-) can join the qualification.
2* Only the finalist will have a call from Akiba Cup staff.
    The winner's name will be announced on Facebook.
3* The participant should be evaluated individual even the participation is groupal.
    The winner is only one person who will be invited to Japan.
4* Only one qualificate chance.

5* Free of charge.
6* Akiba Cup reserve the right to use images and videos of the contest on our web-site and social medias.
7* One Anisong champion and one Cosplay champion will be selected in Comic Fiesta in Kuala lumpur. In case the champion is unable to come to Japan, the second winner will be invited to Japan.